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b'Sep 13, 2018 \xc2\xb7 Hoist and trolley design is easier than those of double girder bridge overhead crane. Double girder bridge overhead crane. When the lifts is more than 20 ton or the span is more than 31.5m, or the crane duty cycle is A7 and A8, the double girder bridge overhead crane will be the first choice.'

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b'The crane is produced in compliance with the national standard. The design is reasonable, the machine is of good quality, the structure is advanced, the appearance is beautiful and the size is compact, the weight is light, and the parts have high strength, big intensity, and all these make it safe, durable. And the cranes'

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b'Installing a 10 ton factory crane Build a crane, crane factory, electric hoist, electric crane, crane factory, lifting goods, crane, warehouse, cargo lift, calculate, design, build, install, check, test, maintain, sell spare . 10-'

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b'Oct 30, 2020 \xc2\xb7 Jenis-Jenis Hoist Crane berdasarkan sistem kerjanya. 1. Overhead Crane Single Girder 2. Overhead Crane Double Girder 3. Semi Gantry Crane 4. Gantry Crane 5. Jib Crane 6. Suspension Crane Harga hoist crane bervariasi tergantung dari ukuran dan spesifikasinya. Penggunaan alal ini sudha umum , .'

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b'Nov 16, 2020 \xc2\xb7 Mobile boat hoist is a type of overhead gantry crane. adaptable and customized design in response to a growing need for cost effective lifting solutions. The load capacity: 25 tons to 1200 tons. See more ideas about Boat 70 Ton Marine Travel Lift For Sale-Great Mobile Boat Hoist Crane 400 ton'

5t Free Standing Workstation Monorail Cranes with Hoist Design

b'5t free standing workstation monorail cranes with hoist design. Free standing monorail cranes (P200) Product Type: P200 Lifting Capacity: 125-5000KG Span Length: 0~30. Freestanding Monorail cranes provide a permanent solution that provides fast, heavy-duty material handling over long spans when there .'

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b'Changyuan 10T Rail Mounted Single Girder Semi-gantry Cranes Design. Changyuan 10t rail mounted single girder semi-gantry cranes design Capacity:3~10t Span:10-20m Lifting height:6m Ambient Temperature:-25~40\xe2\x84\x83 Overview The large welded structures of rail type single beam semi-gantry cranes'

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b'(5) Application scopeIt can be applied to sand-China Electric Remote Control Single Girder Overhead Eot Crane 3 5 10 12 Ton Price with Drawing for Sale, side well drilling, branch well,1t 2t 3t 5t 7.5t 10t 15ton Lda Type Electric Hoist Single Girder Beam Overhead Travelling Crane.'