European-style Universal Customizable End Beams/End Girder With Wheel for Bridge Cranes

Demag Universal Overhead Cranes - Kor-Pak

b'The load-bearing crane girder is part of the frame structure which, together with the legs at either end, forms a traveling bridge. The cranes run on ground-level rails instead of elevated crane runways and power is supplied via a cable reel that is fitted to a leg.'

Double Girder Cranes - Harrington Hoists

b'Our top running and underhung double girder design and low profile trolley hoist saves much of the space "wasted" on conventional single girder designs. So for new installations, our Max-E-Lift system saves valuable overhead room and can reduce building height and construction costs.'

Trolley stops, bumpers, rail sweeps and ... - Port Cranes

b'The bumpers shall be capable of stopping the trolley (not including the lifted load) at an average rate of deceleration not to exceed 4.7 ft/s/s when traveling in either direction at one-third of the rated load speed. When more than one trolley is operated on the same bridge, each shall be equipped with bumpers or equivalent on their adjacent ends.'

bridge crane – Dongqi Hoist and Crane

b'The bridge is the most important load-bearing component of the universal crane. It is usually composed of the main girder, the end girder, the car track, the tower, the cable, the railing and the cab structure. Generally by the main beam and end beams using box-like structure.'

European Standard electric hoist overhead crane- European ...

b'European Hoist Crane. Electric European hoist overhead crane is a single girder overhead crane developed by DQCANES with New Zealand advanced crane design concept and technology, confirming with international standards, i.e. DIN, FEM and ISO. Electric hoist overhead crane as a specially designed , , ...'

Double Girder Gantry Crane - Reliable Gantry Crane Solutions

b'Double girder gantry crane is a bridge type crane in which the bridge frame is supported on the ground track through the legs at both ends. It is mainly composed of the gantry frame (main beams, end beam, legs, lower beam, trolley running track and cab.), hoist trolley, crane running mechanism and \xe2\x80\xa6'

Overhead traveling cranes - DirectIndustry

b'Besides universal cranes with welded box-section girders, ... double-girder bridge crane. single-girder large. double-girder bridge crane. Lift capacity: ... the end beam to the main beam are using the most reasonable structure, the weight is much lighter than the traditional crane. ... Compare this product .'

EOT Crane Overhead Crane and Bridge Crane

b'End trucks. Located on either end of the bridge beam are the end trucks. They provide a connection point between the bridge beam and the house the wheels on which the entire crane travels. These wheels ride on the runway beam allowing access to the entire length of the building. Bridge Girder(s) The horizontal'