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b'MW5 Normal Temperature Type Lifting Electromagnets for scrap. MW61 Normal Temperature Type Round Scrap Handling Magnets. Magnetic iron remover with ore automatically recycled MC01 series. mc02 magnetic separator. Permanent Magnetic Lifter. Circular electromagnetic iron remover MC 03(RCDB) series. MW22 High Temperature Type Steel Billet Electro ...'


b'F = (Fm)2 \xce\xbc0 A / (2 g2) F = (N*I)2 \xce\xbc0 A / (2 g2), where: \xce\xbc0 = 4\xcf\x80*10power-7. F is the force in Newtons. N is the number of turns. A is the area in length units squared. I is the current in Amps. g is the length of the gap between the solenoid and a piece of metal. You can \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'Eclipse Permanent Lifting Magnet Air Actuated Steel Sheet Plate Scrap Transfer. $499.00. $233.71 shipping. or Best Offer. Steel Dragon Tools\xc2\xae 84" Hanging Magnet Magnetic Sweeper Tool fits Forklift. $249.99 ... Hubbell Bh-03 Tool Balancer,2.2-6.6 Lb. Capacity. $327.81. Free shipping. Mag-Mate Tnf12 Magnetic Sheet Separator,20-30Ga,12-1/4H. $327 ...'

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b'Aug 24, 2017 \xc2\xb7 However, repurposing scrap metal into new products requires significantly fewer natural resources and less energy. For example: Recycling a ton of steel conserves 2,500 lbs of iron ore, 1,400 lbs of coal, and 120 lbs of limestone says the American Iron and Steel Institute. Not to mention it saves enough electricity to power 18 million ...'

Electromagnetic Overhead Crane - Suitable and Reliable Crane

b'It is a lifting equipment that uses electromagnetism to transport steel items. The magnet is an important part of this crane. The current is on, electromagnet can firmly stick to the iron and steel items, and lift the material to the pointed place. The current is off, the magnet is off, thus steel and iron items drop down.'

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b'Electromagnets are a combination of electricity and magnetism. In an electromagnet, the magnetic field is produced by an electric current and disappears when the magnet is turned off. Through controlled use of electricity, the electromagnet can attract and hold heavy iron, scrap steel and other ferrous materials.'

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b'II.Specification of Scrap Magnet for Sale III. Scrap Magnet for Sale Packing and Delivery. 1.Delivery time. within 15 ~30 business day after the receipt of deposit. 2.Packaging. wood case for electric parts, accessories; large sections will be loaded onto bulk cargo ship . after packing. 3.Transportation. generally 5 days to 10 days to ...'

30 Lb. Capacity Powerful Handle Magnets

b'This powerful handle magnet is ideal for lifting and moving items such as shelves, pipes, beams and sheeting. The handle magnet can also be used to clean up scattered iron objects including screws, nuts and bolts quickly. Lift metal objects up to 30 lb. with this powerful handle magnet. Retrieve metal objects from tanks and waterways.'