Widely Used Overhead Bridge Crane With Clamshell Grab Double Beam Bucket Lifting

Grab Bucket Overhead Crane

b'Grab crane is a heavy duty overhead crane equipped with grab bucket, which can be used frequently. The lifting capacity of grab crane included the dead weight of the grab bucket is 5 ton to 25 tons. The working class of the grab crane is A6. The specifications of the grab crane is given in the following table for your reference and customized ...'

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b'The grabbing mechanism of bucket crane is the unit to perform lifting and grabbing work, generally equipped with four-rope grab and double drum. Regarding the grab bucket design, there are two main styles for you to choose from, orange grab for handling metal scrap and clamshell grab bucket that is used for grabbing grain, sand and soil.'

QZ Double Girder Grab Overhead Crane

b'Lifting Height: 6m~30m. QZ Double Girder Grab Overhead Crane are widely used in power factory, yard, workshop, pier, etc to load and transport the bulk materia. This cranes is heavy work, the working-level is A6. Rated lifting weight is 5~20T and the grab opening direction have parallel and perpendicular to the main beam these two kind.'

Grab Bucket Overhead Crane Manufacturer - Bridge Cranes

b'Unlike other top running bridge cranes, grab crane take bucket or grab to handle bulk cargoes, it can be said to be a deformation of ordinary electric hoist bridge crane, our company produces different types of bridge crane to our clients, and all our products are of productive\xef\xbc\x86cost-competitive features. We believe ...'

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b'Grab overhead crane is mainly used for loading and unloading bulk cargo. This kind of crane has various types, such as single girder overhead crane with grab, low price grab bridge crane, cheap grab double beam overhead crane, customized grab overhead crane. AIMIX, one of reliable grab overhead crane suppliers in China, supplies cheap grab bridge crane with top quality.'

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b'Double trolley overhead crane is an overhead crane equipped with two trolleys, which can work simultaneously or separately. They are mainly used to lift long and big loads or sets of loads with two long distance lifting points. The lifting capacity of the double trolley overhead crane is 5 ton to 400 ton, .'

Grab Overhead Crane Manufacturer - Weihua Crane

b'QZ Grab Bucket Overhead Crane is mainly consisted with bridge frame, crane travelling mechanism, trolley, electric equipments, grab weight .Widely used in power station, storage, workshop and port, to load or unload some scattered objects. Its lifting capacity includes the grab weight.'

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b'Brief introduction Variable Speed Double Beam Overhead Traveling Crane is the widely used hoisting machinery currently. It mainly consists of bridge, trolley and mechanism, crab and electrical appliances. Application Variable Speed Double Beam Overhead Traveling Crane is applicable to be the transfer, , ...'