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b'The double girder semi-gantry crane is generally used in factories, warehouses or close to the outside of the factory for general lifting and transporting of heavy objects. The crane adopts three-in-one drive and frequency conversion control, very easy to use and maintain. Double Girder \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'Double girder gantry crane is widely used together with winch or trolley for lifting device. It is a medium and heavy size crane with travels in track. This kind of crane is composed of main beam, support legs, crane traveling organ, trolley, electric equipment and strong lifting hoist.'

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b'Rail Mounted Gantry Crane. Rail mounted gantry crane (famous as RMG crane) is widely used in port, shipyard, workshop, warehouse, storage yard, garage and construction site etc, to lift or move goods, loading or unloading items. It can greatly enlarge the working area and improves production efficiency. RMG crane consists of a steel frame ...'

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b'MH model electric hoist gantry crane, is used together with CD, MD model electric hoists. It is a track travelling crane with small and medium size. According to girder types, it can be divided into two types, box type and truss type. This gantry crane is s regular crane, widely use at open ground and warehouse to , , .'

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b'Grab Double Girder Overhead Crane. This grab bridge crane is widely used in freight port, river wharf, power plants, concrete mixing station, industrial and mining enterprises. Model: QZ. Brand: HENGYUAN. Lifting speed: 5-15M/MIN. Trolley running speed: 20-40M/MIN. Crane running speed: 50-100M/MIN.'

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b'According to different crane operating mechanism, it can be divided into rail type container gantry crane (RMG) and tire type container gantry crane (RTG). It has a lifting capacity of 30.5t, 35t, 40.5t, 45t and 50t, a span of 20-40m, a working level of A6, and a working environment temperature of \xe2\x80\x93 20 \xc2\xb0 C-40 \xc2\xb0 C.'

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b'Gantry Crane Supplier. We have accumulated very rich experience in the design, research, and production of crane products. Therefore, we can ensure the superior quality and competitive price of our cranes. On the other hand, located near the capital of Henan province, Zhengzhou city, Changyuan county, we enjoy ...'

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b'AQ-QZ double girder grab overhead crane. 1. AQ-QZ grab bridge cranes are widely used in power plants, freight yards, workshops, wharf, etc. for bulk cargo handling and transportation. 2. The crane has a heavy duty system with a working level of A6. 3. The way of entering the \xe2\x80\xa6'